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Adidas is a well known and fair trusted brand. Their market is a global one, but their ideologies are able to cross boundaries. Adidas aims it marketing at the younger generation, and presents itself as a unique and free from the mold. There are a variety of styles that Adidas offers, their diversity in its campaigning, and they have a spokesperson from a-typical sports. This is a growing trend that continues to grow daily and looks to retake control of this market and be the leaders within it. With the conceptually drawing form was very much a factor as well as branding image that Adidas has already established. Creating a seamless design with their design form and branding is key to producing a shoe that could possibly be implemented within the market.

Adias Mutant Z

Project Brief

Assemble a design team with two other designers to analyze, assess, and create an innovative and sustainable product for chosen brand. Identify strengths and weaknesses of the company using a SWOT analysis. Stay within brand and company guidelines to design a product that is seamless with the brand language while promoting sustainability.


Industrial design

Hand Sketching

Market Research

Sustainability Design

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