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The Brief

The Company

The Team

The Timeline

Our team was given the task of determining how to promote activism and empower activists in order to create a better future.

Emergency is an Italian NGO that offers free medical care to communities affected by war, landmines, and poverty. They carry out multiple projects in countries across Africa, Asia, and Europe.

This project was undertaken by a team of six people, each with different backgrounds. My role was the project lead, responsible for bringing the concept to life. I was in charge of designing the web and mobile platforms. Additionally, I served as a co-presenter for this project.

Three-week-long academic project conducted within a workshop environment, collaborating with team members and professors.

Gino Strada Foundation


Our primary research was utilized to gain a better understanding of the company and the comprehensive work it undertakes. This enabled us to categorize our research into three main topics: healthcare services, activism, and new infrastructure. Consequently, our team sought to directly gather insights from individuals regarding their perceptions and sentiments towards NGOs, Emergency, and activism, employing surveys as a means of data collection.


This phase was crucial because, by conducting two separate surveys, we were able to gather vital insights that guided the direction of this project. With these valuable insights, we were able to redefine the project brief, allowing us to offer our own interpretation of what could be accomplished. As a result, we developed a unique perspective and approach to this project, setting our team and the project itself apart from others.


Based on the extensive work completed by the team, we were able to identify three distinct deliverables for this project. The first deliverable was advertising, which involved designing two unique posters—one serving as a manifesto and the other incorporating more graphic elements. Building upon this, we visualized potential social media posts by creating two different mock-ups. Additionally, to enhance the realism of our project proposal, we designed and developed a fully functional website and mobile platform for users to explore and interact with.

Design Scope

The group employed the Double Diamond design methodology from start to finish, providing a structured approach to problem-solving and solution creation. In this project, we will focus on highlighting the key areas that stood out throughout the entire process and discuss the specific design tools employed in each of these areas.



The secondary research conducted and collected during the discovery phase played a crucial role in shaping our project with a distinct direction. To gain a deeper understanding of certain topics such as NGOs, Emergency as a company, and Activism/War, we created two surveys to engage with individuals from diverse backgrounds worldwide. This enabled us to directly connect and comprehend the perspectives of others regarding these three topics. By gathering information from the two surveys, we entered the project with clear insights and potential hypotheses for conceptualizing this project.

Opportunity Areas

Be aligned with Gino Strada's main goal to bring world peace and end war

Social Activism




How might we make you the activist that makes the difference you want to see in the world?

Especially in foreign countries Emergency is not known


People no longer know who gino strada is: a symbol of the organization


People don't consider themself activist but they think that activism could help stopping war


Even if people do not experience war firsthand they still empathize with people who are affected by war




How might we

After collecting all the information gathered during the discovery phase, we were able to transition into creating insights, identifying opportunity areas, and formulating "how might we" statements. The insights focused on addressing specific findings from the surveys that stood out to the team regarding activism and war. Moving forward, we defined distinct opportunity areas for our project, which we classified into three main categories: social activism, education, and emotion. It was crucial to strategically leverage these three areas in order to discover an innovative solution. Ultimately, this process led us to create "how might we" statements that articulated precisely what we aimed to solve. This approach allowed us to bring our own perspective and twist to the project brief.


Golden Circle

It was crucial to clearly articulate our concept and what we were proposing. This led us to define our mission and vision, giving our concept a guiding principle. With this direction in mind, we proceeded to use the golden circle tool that encompassed each of the three areas. The purpose of all this was to solidify our concept and direction, guiding us towards potential solutions.


We want to end international conflict

to create a better future


By engaging people and spreading

Gino Strada's message worldwide

  • A unified message and voice for people to align themselves with in the fight for a better future.

  • We will be powered/supported by a trusted NGO that has connections and network within various areas of conflict.

  • To introduce the foundation's idea into education and sow the seeds of conflict resolution for a brighter future with the youth.

  • Provide a simplified structure for people to support and feel a part of.

Distinctive Values

To be aligned with Gino Strada’s main goal: To bring world peace and a world without war. We believe that by ending conflict we can prevent wars which is the root problem. We want to make people feel like they can be the activist that will make the difference they want to see in the world, through activism and education.

Value Proposition

  • International young generation of ages 13-20

  • Influencers

  • People in positions of power


We would like to continue Gino Strada’s legacy. Providing a clear message of ending conflict for a better future to people all around the world. Making education and activism the means by which we can act on this idea.

Reason Why


Offering Map Design

By employing the Offering Map design tool, we were able to clearly outline the key selling points of our concept. Beginning with the "Reason Why" and progressing through each aspect, we made informed decisions regarding our solution and target audience. Each step within the defining process focused on addressing the 5 Ws (who, what, where, when, why).


Omnichannel approach

We aimed to utilize an omnichannel approach to effectively reach our target audience and communicate our message. To accomplish this, we decided to deliver our solution through three channels: advertising, social media, and the web. This approach allows us to capture the attention of our target audience while providing multiple avenues for them to remain engaged and involved.


This channel would be used to create posters that would be utilized in propaganda in communities.


Social media is where people consume the most amount of information on a day to day basis. 


This platform will be for gathering information and getting a better understanding of the worldviews.


The "Gino Strada Foundation" was established with the aim of promoting and spreading Gino Strada's vision of world peace. Our objective is to offer a platform that enables individuals to actively participate and feel a sense of contribution in creating a positive impact on the world. Through social activism, education, and emotional engagement, we aspire to build a better world for future generations, fostering a sense of goodness and progress.

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