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The challenge we faced was to effectively showcase the strategy for both short-term and long-term goals, while simultaneously delivering an engaging investor pitch presentation.

Fili Pari is an Italian startup company that is currently collaborating with PoliHub, a start-up incubator. They specialize in using marble powder to produce sustainable garments for the fashion industry.

This project involved a team of six individuals, each with diverse backgrounds. I served as the project lead, responsible for bringing the concept to fruition, designing the web and mobile platform, as well as co-presenting the project.

The academic project lasted for a duration of three weeks and involved collaboration among team members, the professor, and a company.

The Brief

The Company

The Team

The Timeline

Fili Pari Investor Pitch


This step focuses on synthesizing the research that has been conducted, gathering all the information and data collected to make sense of it. It was a crucial step as it enabled us to translate our knowledge into a tangible and realistic solution. To effectively communicate our research findings and support our concept, we utilized appropriate tools to visualize and share the information.


Since the deliverable for this project was a presentation, we initiated the ideation process to develop our solution. We brainstormed and strategized to create a captivating and engaging presentation for the audience. This collaborative effort enabled us to refine our storyline and ensure clarity in conveying our message.

Design Scope

As a group, we reached a consensus to utilize the Strategic Design Methodology, which provided us with a structured framework for our project. We selected this process because it closely aligned with the project requirements. In this project, we will focus on highlighting a few key steps that were instrumental in achieving our final deliverable.


Competitor Analysis

The competitor analysis tool was utilized to determine Filli Pari's potential position in the market if it were to transition from B2C to B2B. This analysis provided valuable insights that allowed us to identify a unique market position where the brand could stand out.


Understand the audience

As a presenter, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of your audience. This enables you to tailor your presentation in the most effective manner by adapting the tone of voice, utilizing appropriate images, and using language that resonates with your audience.



the Story

Structuring your presentation as a narrative, with a clear progression from the problem to the climax and eventual solution. The more compelling and well-crafted your story is, the greater attention you will be able to capture from your audience.



Once your story is prepared, gather the necessary tools to effectively convey it. From design tools to methodologies, structure your presentation order and style before creating the final content.



Once you have gathered 
sufficient details, it is time to start crafting your presentation. Keep in mind the importance of tailoring your visuals to maximize their impact on the audience based on how you plan to deliver the presentation.


Design the


This is the stage where you fine-tune both the presentation and its content. You focus on improving the design by incorporating four key principles: proximity, alignment, contrast, and repetition.


Lean Process for Presentations

The Lean process for presentation tool was employed to aid in creating and delivering a compelling story that would captivate the audience and convince both the company and potential investors to invest in our company.


The final deliverable was a 5-minute pitch presentation given to one of the Co-Founders of Fili Pari. Our group's specific task was to create an investor-focused presentation to pique their interest. We crafted a compelling storyline that flowed throughout the entire presentation. We also incorporated visually engaging slides and impactful data to support our key points and enhance the overall effectiveness of the presentation.

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